Corporate / Group Bookings

Over many years, companies large and small, have found it is cost effective and highly successful to entertain their customers or reward their employees with an invitation to a business entertainment day.

Why choose Clay Target Shooting – here are some of the reasons why we feel that shooting is more suitable than the more traditional events offered by some companies such as golf and trips to notable events.

* The day is participative.
* The day is held in beautiful Northumberland countryside away from the bustle of the town or city.
* Most people have a desire to participate in these sports but have never found a place or opportunity to do so. To this point, we find with shooting, that a percentage of guests take up the sport after they have been on the day.
* The sport we offer can all be mastered to a reasonable level in a very short space of time. This allows you to invite anyone you wish, even if they have never touched a gun before.
* Within the teams there is time for informal chat whilst you are taking a turn – we go at your pace there is no rush.

These days are suitable for ladies and gentlemen. Age, fitness and ability at sport at this level does not generally have a great impact on your final result.
This activity is soon mastered to a good degree and with the help of our expert coaches, you will find your scores average between 50 – 85% even if you are a complete novice.

If you feel this type of business day is exactly what you have been looking for CLICK HERE or use the ‘Contact’ button at left to get in touch with us at Steve Smiths Shooting Ground, where we will be only too happy to tailor the day
to your specific needs. Please note all days are by appointment only and can include Monday and Thursday by special request.